How to Make Soy Milk with a Mixer


We believe that the best quality soy milk is made with the traditional stone mill, but there are alternative ways that still produce a great tasting result. If you would like to make fresh soy milk at home, you can do so by using a mixer. Here, we have included a short demonstration of how to make 1 Litre of soy milk at home.

The process can be simplified into three easy steps:
Mixing, Filtering and Boiling

I. Mixing

We begin by soaking 100g (dry) of organic soybeans overnight, preferably for more than eight hours.

Then, we add the soybeans together with 1 litre of mineral water into the mixer and crush them at high speed until the beans are finely grained.

II. Filtering

Here, we simply filter the mixture through a filter towel and extract the raw soy milk.

III. Boiling

Finally, we begin to boil the filtered soy milk to 100 degrees and then let it simmer for 15-20 minutes on a low heat.

Now the fresh soy milk is ready to drink or be used in making fresh tofu.


Important to Note:

Raw soy milk cannot be consumed directly. When heated close to 90 degrees, there will be a lot of bubbles generated. This is caused by the saponin in the soy milk which demonstrates a “fake boiling”. Here, you can prevent the soy milk from overflowing by turning off the heat in time, or simply by adding a small amount of cold water and skimming off the residual foam. Afterwards, continue heating the soy milk to 100 degrees to ensure a high quality taste.