Asparagus Risotto with White Miso

While traditionally, risotto is always made with parmesan cheese to provide for a creamy texture and a nutty flavor, this recipe is proof for how the same function can also be performed by white miso. 

White miso usually refers to the soybean paste with a shorter fermentation time (3-6 months). The traditional Japanese version of it, called Shiro Miso, is made with soy and rice. Nowadays, many new combinations have been developed, expanding the flavor palette of white miso. One example is millet miso, for which millet is used instead of rice. 

This fresh and light risotto is great to enjoy during spring, since asparagus is one of the most delicious vegetables of the spring season. We have designed this recipe to unleash the enormous potential of the asparagus by combining it with white miso.  


For two portions 

  • 50g Millet Miso (or optionally: Shiro Miso, Ama Mugi Miso)
  • 250g green Asparagus 
  • 150g Risotto Rice  
  • 100g vegan Butter 
  • 1 tbsp. of Olive Oil 
  • 2 tbsp. of Mirin  
  • 1 small Onion
  • a Pinch of chopped Parsley 


Cut the asparagus in two parts: the green part (2/3) and the woody end (1/3). The woody part is for the broth and the green part is for the rice. Then cut the green parts in approx. 4cm long pieces. 

For the Broth: Knock the woody part loose with the back of the knife and fry it with half of the onion and 1 tbsp of olive oil for 3-4min. Then, add 1.5 L water, heat it up until it is boiling and turn down the heat. Let everything simmer for 20min before taking the woody part out with a strainer. Finally, cook the green pieces in the broth for 1 min. Take the green pieces out with a strainer and set them aside. 

For the risotto rice: First, fry the other half of the onion in 75g vegan butter until the onion turns transparent. Then, add the rice to the pot. Stir the mixture until the rice is completely warmed up and add the mirin to the pot. After you smell the aroma of the mirin, begin adding the broth to the rice, little by little. Stir the rice for about 10 min until it has absorbed most of the broth. 

Finally, put the green part of the asparagus in the rice and cook it for 1-2 mins. Turn off the heat. Then, add 25g of cold butter and the Hirse Miso, and mix everything evenly. Before serving, garnish the dish with the chopped parsley.