Ama Mugi Miso

Ingredients: Barley, soybeans, sea salt, Aspergillus oryzae
Maturation: Fermented in oak barrels, red wine pre-filled, demeter
Fermentation period: Over 12 months
Properties: glutenfree, vegan, unfiltered, not pasteurized
Shelf life: Stored cool and dry for 12 months
Weight: 200 g

Made from soybeans and barley, this Ama Mugi Paste is more sweet in flavour which comes out during the process of natural fermentation. This miso paste has a slightly malty taste and forms a good basis for all kinds of dishes. 

It is made by Mimi Ferments, an independent Berlin-based producer of hand fermented soy sauce and miso, using only the finest organic soybeans. Due to the different fermentation times, these products not only develop different colours, but also a variety of unique flavour tones. They are loved and used by many Michelin star chefs and can now become a magic ingredient in your own culinary creations. 

Rezeptidee: Spargel Risotto


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Product contains: 200 g

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