Ganko Tamari Soysauce

Ingredients: Springwater, Soybeans, Salt
Maturation: Fermented in cedar barrels
Fermentation period: 3 years
Properties: vegan, glutenfree
Shelf life: 1 year
Weight: 200 ml

This soy sauce, made from only local Japanese soybeans and organic sun-dried salt stands out for its pure taste. Due to its long fermentation time, this soy sauce is rich in Umami. This thick and smoky tamari with its slight caramel note is suitable to consume as a dipping sauce or for marinating fish, meat, or vegetables.

This product is produced by the Japanese manufacture Ito Shoten. The brewery is located in Takeyoto, a town in the Aichi prefecture, where Tamari is said to have originated. This family owned brewery has existed for nine generations. Decisive for the quality of their sauces is their world's best Koji mold, which Ito Shoten also produces itself. 



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Product contains: 200 ml

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