Graumohn Miso

Ingredients: Rice, grey poppy seeds, sea salt, A. Oryzae
Maturation: fermented in an earthenware pot
Fermentation period: 6 Monate
Properties: vegan, not pasteurized, glutenfree
Shelf life: stored refrigerated for 3 months
Weight: 200 g

With locally cultivated poppy seeds that provide for a slightly bitter and intense taste, this miso transforms every dish into a delicacy. It is ideal for baking cakes, but also for seasoning hearty meals. It can give sweet dishes a salty kick and gives savory dishes depth. 

This Product is produced by Wiener Miso, a Vienna based producer of hand-fermented Miso, soy sauces, and tofu who uses only ingredients sourced locally from Austria. What especially makes Wiener Miso stand out as a producer, is their unique Miso creations that extend beyond most of the traditional kinds of miso.


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