Millet Miso

Ingredients: Soybeans, Millet, Sea Salt, A. Oryzae
Fermentation period: 8 months
Properties: vegan, not pasteurized, glutenfree
Shelf life: stored refrigerated for 3 months
Weight: 200 g

This miso has a mild and nutty flavor. It is ideal for use with vegetables, in casserole dishes, soups, but also for curries and salads. Due to its buttery taste, it is also ideal as a bread spread or as a replacement for cheese such as parmesan.

This Product is produced by Wiener Miso, a Vienna based producer of hand-fermented Miso, soy sauces, and tofu who uses only ingredients sourced locally from Austria. What especially makes Wiener Miso stand out as a producer, is their unique Miso creations that extend beyond most of the traditional kinds of miso. 

Rezeptidee: Spargel Risotto



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