Kishibori Sojasauce

Ingredients: spring water, soybeans, wheat, seasalt
Maturation: Fermented in cedar barrels
Fermentation period: 1 year
Properties: vegan, unpasteurized
Shelf life: 20 months
Weight: 360 ml

This soy sauce has been fermented over a period of 1 year in 100 year old cedar barrels, through which it develops a very authentic and natural taste. It has a smooth and balanced flavour, which is milder than that of most soy sauces on the market. With its mellow, full bodied taste, this sauce is rather supporting than overpowering in dishes. It can be used for seasoning and refining a diverse range of dishes.

This product has been produced by the Japanese manufacture Takesan, whose brewery is located on the island Shodoshima in the Japanese inland sea. While the brewery is still a lot younger than most other traditional breweries on the island, it has expanded vastly due to its high quality soy sauces. Since 1966, Takesan has been dedicated to producing first class soy sauce.


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Product contains: 360 ml

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