LOCA Ceramic Coffee Filter

This sustainable Loca ceramic coffee filter from Japan guarantees a taste that is authentic and pure while also minimizing environmental impact as it creates zero waste. By removing the bitterness in taste, the ceramic filter effectively smoothes out the beverage, allowing it to unleash its full aroma. The process of filtering occurs through the micro pores within the ceramic filter system. This filter does not only work for coffee or tea, but can even just be used to filter water, making it the perfect multi purpose asset for your household. This product is produced by LOCA, a Japanese ceramics technology company that is dedicated to providing sustainable coffee solutions. 

Das Produkt wurde von LOCA hergestellt, einer Japanischen Keramik Technologie Firma, welche es sich zum Ziel gemacht hat, nachhaltige Kaffeefilter Lösungen zu entwerfen.

To guarantee the best taste with LOCA, we recommend following the steps as demonstrated in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4h6MPVMH1c


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