Lupinen Miso

Ingredients: Lupins, Rice, Seasalt, O. Oryzae
MaturationFermented in a barrique oak casket
Fermentation period: At least 18 Months
Properties: vegan, unfiltered, not pasteurized
Shelf life: Stored cool and dry for 12 months
Weight: 200 g

This miso is suitable as a basis for soups and or marinating dishes and sauces. The lupins lend it a sweet note. With its slight flowery taste, this miso is perfect for spicing salad sauces or light sauces for meat and fish. 

It is made by Mimi Ferments, an independent Berlin-based producer of hand fermented soy sauce and miso, using only the finest organic soybeans. Due to the different fermentation times, these products not only develop different colours, but also a variety of unique flavour tones. They are loved and used by many Michelin star chefs and can now become a magic ingredient in your own culinary creations.



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Product contains: 200 g

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