Ingredients: Soy, B. Subtilis, A. Soyae
Maturation: In a glas
Fermentation period: 1 day
Properties: glutenfree, vegan, unfiltered, not pasteurized
Shelf liferefrigerated 4 - 6 weeks
Weight: 200 g

While the very strong taste and slimy consistency can be appalling sometimes, Natto convinces with its nutty and earthy taste. It is particularly tasty when consumed with a bit of soy sauce which gives it a chocolate-like taste. It is best combined with spring onion, rice, or coriander. It is known particularly for its health benefits as it is rich in protein, vitamins, and iron. It also contains important Amino acids which the body cannot produce itself. 

It is made by Mimi Ferments, an independent Berlin-based producer of hand fermented soy sauce and miso, using only the finest organic soybeans. Due to the different fermentation times, these products not only develop different colours, but also a variety of unique flavour tones. They are loved and used by many Michelin star chefs and can now become a magic ingredient in your own culinary creations. 


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Product contains: 200 g

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