Nawasté Zero Waste Soy Candle

Size: 350 ml
Material: Ceramic 
Plantable Seed Paper Label: made from 100 % recycled materials & compostable paper
Scent: Lavendel (grau oder weiß), Vanille (weiß), Sandelholz & Pfeffer (grau)

This zero waste, hand poured candle was produced with organic soy wachs by the Berlin based startup Nawasté. What makes this candle very unique, is that flowerseeds are embedded in its compostable label. As soon as the candle has burned up, it can be refunctioned into a flowerpot. All you need to do, is to fill the pot with soil, rip the label into small pieces, and plant it. The seeds are non-GMO wildflower seeds. 


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