Kibi Shiro Shoyu

Ingredients: Spring water, millet, soybeans, sea salt, Aspergillus sojae.
Maturation: Fermented in oak barrels, pre-filling of rum, single cask
Fermentation time: 4-6 months
Properties: Gluten-free, vegan, unfiltered, not pasteurized
Shelf life: refrigerated for 6 months
Weight: 100ml

Unlike most common soy sauces, this Kibi Shiro Shoyu has a uniquely lighter and sweeter flavour. It is naturally fermented for 4-6 months in oak barrels preset with rum, allowing it to acquire its distinctive taste while maintaining its white colour and light aroma. The balance of taste and depth allows this white soy sauce to accompany most meals without overbearing them, adding a new dimension to well-loved dishes. It’s versatility means it can be used for seasoning, dressing or even pickling of vegetables, fish and salads. 


It is made by Mimi Ferments, an independent Berlin-based producer of hand fermented soy sauce and miso, using only the finest organic soybeans. Due to the different fermentation times, these products not only develop different colours, but also a variety of unique flavour tones. They are loved and used by many Michelin star chefs and can now become a magic ingredient in your own culinary creations.





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