Tofu Box Set mit schwarzem Stein

Material: Bamboo Board, Granite
Dimensions: L15.5 x W17.5 x H11 cm, L 9.3 × W 9.3 × H 9.3 cm

Tofu Box is a set of tools for making tofu, consisting of four nesting components with different function. With no flood on the worktop, the water pressed from tofu is collected in the big container. The small container functions as a handy and flexible weight. The markings on case indicates the relation between water and tofu, while the water amount inside the tofu affects the texture in mouth. With Tofu Box, the entire process of making tofu at home is optimised.


Tofu Stone

The size of this stone fits our Tofu Box and it’s weight shortens the process half time of pressing tofu. Meanwhile we have given this stone other options for use. It also serves as a holder for two candles or for serving salt and pepper. We call it Tofu stone, a stone that can be used both in the kitchen and for table decoration.

70g Coagulant and three filter towels made of 100% cotton are inclusive in the set.


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