Let soy be a culture.



Huadou was founded in Berlin in 2018. The word „Huadou“ is taken from the Chinese, meaning „gorgeous beans“. We endeavor to introduce abundant and innovative soy-based products to enrich the diversity of modern vegan culture.

Our journey into the world of soy

It is an important part of our mission to document the culture and production of soy products, as this not only helps preserve the cultural heritage that first inspired us, but also encourages us to explore new and exciting product development.

Our Manifest

We appreciate the original taste of the soybean and adhere to the base principle that soy is soy, not just another animal protein substitute.

We reject genetically modified soybeans and are dedicated to a diverse and nutritionally balanced vegan diet, placing health and quality as our first priority.

We advocate to treat the cultivation, consumption and recycling of soybeans as an important cycle in the maintenance of a harmonious ecosystem.

Our design philosophy

Interior Design

At Huadou, we believe ‘one’s position alters the air, just as the nurture affects the body.’ The design philosophy of Alter The Air Design Office can be felt in the Huadou store. Through architecture and design, we can change how people feel and create a sense of harmony through our use of space and light.   

Our Concept Store brings an unprecedented spatial experience to both our customers and our mission, delivering a unique, minimalist environment to display our innovative soy-products, welcome curious customers and spread our message. It is our belief that great architecture can affect the mind, body and spirit.


Product design

We often look at our appliances as everyday objects, yet the relationship between appliances and people has always raised an important philosophical proposition. In exploring this relationship, we invited YUUE, a young product design firm, to help us reshape the traditional tools of soy cultivation and deliver an appliance that is more than a simple utility. 

Our Tofu Boxes and Stone Mills have achieved a balance in design between the old and the new. These are not simply household appliances, but instead represent a harmony of cultures and ages. 


Graphic Design

Behind the words and images of our visual identity is Simon Störk, a berlin-based art director responsible for symbolising our message: creating a sense of harmony between the old and the new. 

Störk evokes traditional techniques while translating them in a contemporary way. Our logo is a homage to the typical Chinese seal, with underlying illustrations that demonstrate our effort to bring East Asian influences to the west.

Our visual identity reflects the aesthetics of our store, delivering a style that is clean and modern, while retaining its history.