Where tradition meets modernity.

Huadou Soy Concept Store is not only a store for us to display soy products, but also a place to experience the culture surrounding our ethos.


Have you ever wanted to make your own tofu? At Huadou we can show you how. Using our specially designed tools, you will be able to prepare your own tofu and gain an understanding of the knowledge about soy and traditional methods used throughout Eastern Asia. 

Tasteful Soy Milk Made in The Traditional way.

There are many ways to make soy-milk, but only the traditional way guarantees the authentic taste. By combining well-sourced soybeans with high quality water, we use our traditional stone mill to slowly grind the soybean until we can extract the purest milk.

This traditional method maintains the flavour and quality of our soybeans, compared to the industrialised machines that ruin the beans through high speed and temperature.

The contemporary design of the stone mill contains a huge grinding disk that enlarges the grinding path and maintains a low temperature through our carefully crafted method, ensuring we have the best-tasting soy every time.



At HUADOU, we like to bring people together. There are always events and pop-up shops in-store, allowing the community to gather round and explore the different tastes of soy and take home their experiences. So far we have hosted Mansfield Park and their deliciously flavoursome soya-based cakes, as well as Mimi Ferment’s and their wide range of soy sauces and miso pastes. We are excited to bring more of our partners to HUADOU and host more events to share our passion for soy with you.

Enjoy delicious Coffee and vegan sweets in Our Café

We source our Ethiopian Sasaba coffee beans from a speciality brewer based in Berlin, BonanzaCoffee. With hints of milk chocolate, strawberry cream and biscuit, this coffee’s sweetness compliments the smooth taste of our organic soy-milk, guaranteeing our customer’s a delicious cup of coffee. The cultivation of these beans also supports 500 local producers who deliver their coffee throughout the harvest, leaving everyone happy.

Our wide range of delicious desserts are all vegan and made from soy by our partner, Mansfield Park, an independent bakery creating tailored, personalised cakes for all occasions. In store, youcan try our soy-based chocolate, raspberry cream, mango matcha, and apple cakes for yourself!

Impressions from our store

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