We are
Rethinking tradition.

HUADOU is the fusion of distinct design disciplines that intervened to reflect the balance between contemporary design language and the symbolism of tradition, that represent us.


The structure and interior design of our store was planned by ALTER THE AIR, a Chinese architect duo based in Berlin. They recreated the traditional and rural Chinese style in a minimalist contemporaneous concept. You can appreciate elements of their culture in the store, like the handmade original bamboo chairs.

See more about them https://www.altertheair.com





Product design

We invited YUUE, the Berlin-based design studio to redesign and integrate traditional tools used for preparing soy milk and soy food. In our store, you can find their designs: 

Soy Stone Mill, that preserves the traditional features to the maximum extent while improving the user experience.

Tofu Box, a set of tools for making tofu, consisting of four nesting components with different functions to optimize and facilitate the entire process. 

See more about them https://yuuedesign.com/


graphic design

Behind the visual identity of HUADOU, you can find the art director based in Berlin, Simon Störk. He took up traditional techniques and translated them in a contemporary way. Inspired by Chinese seals he created the logo meanwhile the illustrations underline our experimental stance.

See more about him https://simonstoerk.com/